Our child feels safe and secure, he loves his school!  We are reassured when we drop him off everyday that he is in a loving, caring environment where he has been able to flourish not only academically, but also socially.  Oasis has helped him grow as a person.  We love the closeness of the community of families who know and care for each other.  We have made as many friends as our son, Oasis has enriched all of our lives.  Because our son feels more confident, it has made it easier for him to learn.

- Parents of a sixth grade student




"Oasis is more than just a school.  It's a community.  It's the kind of place that pulls together to help families in need, supports different learning styles for different kids, and provides children with unique learning experiences. Oasis is one-of-a-kind and just right for our family!  When my son came home from Kindergarten one day with a colorful painting and proceeded to explain that it was an example of symmetry I knew we had found a wonderful learning environment for him!  We couldn't be happier!"

-Parents of a first grade student


"I am a mother of three children, currently ages 16, 14, and 12.  When my husband and I were researching the schools in our area, we found Oasis.  This was a blessing to our family.  All three children went through Oasis Charter Public School.  Due to the small community atmosphere, my son received attention that he would not have received in a traditional school.  My daughters have also benefited from the philosophy at Oasis.  Each of my children learn in their own individual ways that are not traditional.  As a parent, I am pleased that my children have learned topics and not just memorized and forgotten.  When asked about Oasis in the community, I speak highly of Oasis because of my children's positive outcomes.  I am a proud founding parent of the school."

-Parent of a sixth grade student




"Oasis has been a great choice for both our daughter and our family. We feel connected to her education and immediately welcomed into the family that is Oasis."

-Parents of a Kindergarten student



"I love the small family environment that Oasis provides for my children.  I like that the classes are multi-age because it keeps them challenged."

-Parent of Kindergarten, third grade, and fifth grade students