Under Construction Educational Network

Oasis Charter Public School is governed by a board that is part of a non-profit organization called Under Construction Education Network.  The board is comprised of seven community members from many different professions, including an employee of the Alisal Union School District.  All board meetings are open to the public.  Meeting dates and times vary each month.  Please check our Oasis Google Calendar for the dates and times of the UCEN meetings.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Under Construction Education Network board, please download and fill out the Prospective Board Member Application.

Upcoming UCEN meetings:

Closed session 5:00pm and Open Session 6:30pm

Desember 11th, 2018
January 11th, 2019
Febuary 26th, 2019


UCEN DBA Oasis Charter School Bylaws

Board Members Contact: UCENBoard@oasischarterschool.org

Augustine Nevarez - President

Michael Roberts - Vice President

Jorge Gonzales - Treasurer

Nora Lopez - Secretary

Pete Cryer - Member

Laura Bernal - Member

Sergio Guzman - Member

Alberto Jaramillo - Member


Form 700's

Juan Sanchez 2011-2017

Pete Cryer 2012-2017

Laura Bernal 2015-2017

Mike Roberts 2016-2017

Jorge Gonzalez 2012-2016 2017

Augustine Nevarez 2011-2017

Nora Lopez 2016-2017

John Aaron 2016-2017

Lucette Zepeda 2017