Oasis Charter Public School


An exciting part of the Oasis curriculum is our enrichment program.

Three times a year students are grouped across multiple grade levels to explore different subject matter. This is like an elective class. Teachers create classes they are interested in teaching based on a theme. We have a Harvest Feast themed enrichment, a Spring Gala themed enrichment, and Boxland.

Courses students choose from may be any of the following: singing, dancing, theater arts, instruments, arts and crafts projects, photography, gardening, science, sports, cooking or other classes teachers create.

Enrichment classes are on Wednesdays from 11:00am – 12:00pm and are taught in smaller groups according to students’ interests for 8 weeks.

Our Harvest Feast and Spring Gala enrichments are culminated in an evening program where students and teachers perform and display what they have learned during their enrichment class. Our parent group, the Oasis Community Council (OCC), sells food as a fundraiser for the events they provide for the school, our 5th Graders sell drinks and desserts for funding for science outdoor school.

Boxland Project

Our last hands on enrichment project of the year is Boxland!
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