Oasis Charter Public School


Boxland is Oasis’ own town created and run by the students

All students grades kinder through sixth learn to work together to bring Boxland to life. The students elect a mayor and a city council, and design their own businesses to operate or they apply for a job during the two day event. Boxland also has a police department, health department, finance department, waste management department, and an unemployment office. Students must purchase business permits to run their own business such as a food stands, nail salons, and hobby stores. Boxland is a huge highlight to end the school year. This is our favorite school-wide project based-learning example. Students learn academically while seeing the real-life relevance. Families are invited. Sharkies, money created by the students, is available to families for a small donation to come shop and dine at Oasis’ Boxland. 

Oasis Charter students play ‘city’ with Boxland

Monterey Herald
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